Page, Pajism, Servant

Page, Pajism, Servant

One of the most popular and sought-after practices in BDSM in our time is pajizm. There are only 2 people here – Mrs. and her page, who gets sexual pleasure from performing a role with low social status.

In fact, this is an erotic game in which the lower is assigned the role of a slave or a slave. Also, a slave can take on the role of an animated piece of furniture or an animal – a dog, a horse. The lady gives pleasure to the lower one, subordinating it to herself, putting on a collar and riding the last horse. The more powerful and aggressive the top partner is, the more fun the page gets.

Pazhizm in BDSM implies, for the most part, the subordination of men, because by their nature they are more inclined to such practices.

What does the page do?

The slave is assigned the role of realizing all the wishes of the Lady, with the exception of the previously agreed taboos. Offer your own services as a living piece of furniture (chair, rug, ottoman), to move around the room (dog or horse) on horseback.

In turn, the Mrs. promises a reward for faithful service, or he will subject the guilty slave to cruel punishment – tying, whipping, strapon. Verbal humiliation, lashes – everything that you can imagine is already known and known to Mistress Goldy.

Mistress Goldy is an experienced Domina, who has been on the Theme for more than 9 years. She is well aware of all the works and habits of slaves, she is an experienced sovereign and mistress, she is able to deeply immerse both novices and BDSM pages with experience in the Topic.

Pazhizm and servant the Lady assumes a great sexual game in which there is revenge humiliation. Unforgettable emotions, the desire to open new sexual horizons – all this leads to the Lady.

Despite his authority, in his practice Domina adheres to the SSC principle of rationality, security and voluntariness. By prior arrangement, stop words are used according to which the game is stopped. Also discussed are the taboos beyond which the Mistress does not intervene.

Mistress Goldy is waiting

In the arsenal of an experienced Domina there is a large selection of necessary toys and a large number of practices, which can be found in the relevant sections and on the main page. Enough to please the Lady with a valuable gift and feel her power, magnetism and experience in the Theme of BDSM.

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