Giving a Golden Rain – Dominance of Mistress Goldy

Even newcomers to BDSM know what “dominance” and “golden rain” are. These concepts have gone beyond the community of those who are in the subject.

“Golden shower” or “golden rain” is one of the most daring and intriguing practices, it is not for everyone, but those who are ready to take rain, scat or milk from the butt from the powerful and seductive Mistress Goldy will remember this very long time awesome moment and the sensations caused by it.

What is the secret of the golden rain?

Most people consider urination to be a natural process of the human body. Yes, this process does not seem particularly sexual to some people, but others may experience an indescribable pleasure not only from the pleasant sensation of a hot stream of characteristic smell that beats into their bodies, but also from watching how the session partner gives out rain.

Everyone can remember the incredible pleasure when, after a long continence, it is possible to go to the toilet. After all, this is unearthly emotional and physical relief, comparable only with orgasm, right?

Golden rain is an old and popular practice. It was used by many nations as a symbol of the complete humiliation of the enemy since the beginning of time. In BDSM, it has a similar meaning – the issuance of golden rain by the Mistress is a reminder to the slave of his place and confirmation of the dominant status.

Fans of dating for the golden rain are divided into three large groups:

  • Those who rains. They show their power and domination, “punishing” their slave, giving a partner the opportunity to experience the sweetness of complete fall and humiliation.
  • Those who like to receive the golden rain. Accepting the rain, they first of all demonstrate their obedience and the level of trust in Domina. In addition, they feel special, “tagged” adored Domina, in whose power they are completely and completely.
  • Those who follow the process. They are satisfied with the observation of the process of issuing rain.

Connoisseurs of golden rain know that he is absolutely harmless to the health of the recipient, even if he drinks it, but only if the dominant partner leads a healthy lifestyle. That is why the golden rain and scat from the elite Domina Mistress Goldy is absolutely safe. Can’t wait to try? Mistress Goldy can send rain and scat by mail.

How to get to the session to Mistress Goldy

Scroop services from Mistress Goldy, as well as golden rain and other BDSM practices – experienced Domina have something to offer to experiment lovers.

To share all the charm of a BDSM session with Mistress Goldy, just sign up by filling out the form on the website:

In the special form of the record specify the contact details: name or nickname, email address, contact phone.

Enter the desired date and planned time of the session, specify its duration.

Describe the wishes of BDSM practitioners, in particular, list those that should be excluded from the individual scenario of the meeting.

Remember, it is better to embody your dreams and ideas in all spheres of life, including sexual. Anyone who agrees should contact Mistress Goldy as soon as possible to sign up for a BDSM session in Kiev or any other city, because Mistress Goldy often goes to city tours where she is ready to meet with those who are open to everything new and wants to experience a special pleasure!

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