Spanking from the Lady: sweet pain and aching pleasure

Probably every person at least once in his life caught himself thinking about how it would be nice to feel a slight pain from the blow, especially during sex games. Some people confine themselves to their fantasies, while others go further in order not only to explore the world of their sexual desires, but also to translate them into reality. The services of the Mistress and her beloved BDSM practices will help you experience this incredible feeling when an experienced Domina does not spare your flesh and arranges an excellent spanking.

Who would love whipping

Those who are ready to faithfully and faithfully serve their Lady and patiently endure her fair punishments.
Those who take pleasure in sweet pain and look forward to being hit by a lash, whip, stack, flogger, etc.
For those who want to experience similar sensations and get an incredible sexual experience.
Mistress Goldy – offers to choose one of the many BDSM practices listed on the site, but all gourmets of corporal punishment are extremely lucky, because one of the favorite services of the Mistress is spanking.

For beginners who are not deeply immersed in the topic, it may seem that spanking is easy, but in reality it is not. If Domina has little experience, then the slave can not only not feel the long-awaited pleasure, which is valued above all else, but also get injured. For a successful session, Domina requires maximum concentration and physical training, combined with practice and experience. Mistress Goldy – Domina, who has been in the Theme for 9 years, therefore, agreeing to experience the beauty of whipping, her slave can be 100% sure that the time while he will be in full control of his Lady will be one of the most unforgettable moments. in his life. In addition, knowledge of some of the basic principles and rules of flogging will help enrich the experience of a slave, so when meeting with newcomers, Mistress Goldy smoothly introduces them into the Topic.

In life you need to seek and find pleasure! Mistress Goldy is ready to help anyone who wants to be flogged and experience true sexual pleasure!

As it will be

To use the service of flogging from Mistress Goldy, it is enough to fill in the registration form for the BDSM session For this you need:

  • On the page of filling in the form of record indicate your contact information: name, mail, phone.
  • Set a desired meeting date, duration and time.
  • Describe the desired practices and those that should be excluded from the individual scenario of the BDSM meeting.

The Mistress holds her sessions in Kiev and not only, because Mistress Goldy regularly carries out city tours in Ukraine and abroad. She is ready to “please” with her whip everyone who is ready to be completely surrendered to her seductive power. In addition, by appointment, you can arrange a meeting with Mistress Goldy in any city in the country.

Before the beginning of the session with the spanking, the participants agree on what is needed and what is not, agree on a stop word or choose another indication that the slave can use to slow down or stop the flogging. It is important to understand the scope of the game and how open the session participant is to gain new experience. Did this person have experience whipping earlier? The classical procedure starts with softer blows and gradually moves to more complex ones, however, with an individual approach to the session, the order can be changed.

Mistress Goldy knows the difference between a good whipping and a great one. Great whipping is nice for both sides! If you wish, everyone can see this personally. Enough to sign up for a BDSM session!

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