Like facesitting? Let’s try!

Like facesitting? Let’s try!

Why look for casual BDSM dating, if you only need to sign up for the session and get the long-awaited pleasure from the way Mistress Goldy will be on top!

Facesitting (face sitting) is one of the most popular BDSM practices. Usually, on average, such a session lasts from 45 minutes to 1 hour, and in some cases it can go from sitting on the face to cunnilingus or anilingus.

Why does it bring pleasure? Because there is nothing better than the maximum proximity to the vagina of the beloved Mistress. Light aroma that drives you crazy, and the impossibility of breathing makes you experience an incredible feeling. When the Mistress is on top, the lower one feels its absolute powerlessness to resist and is ready to obey without question, submitting to each movement of the Mistress’s ass on his face. It is important to remember that the Madame Chief, she completely controls the process and everything that the slave does should first of all bring her pleasure.

Mistress Goldy is waiting for you at the session:

  • If for you to be below and feel how the domineering Domina slowly sit on your face is a real pleasure.
  • If you are ready or ready to surrender to the power of an experienced Lady and start thinking about touching a gentle ass to your face and how Domina will eagerly rub against your face, nose and lips to enjoy absolute power over her slave.
  • If you are ready or ready to obey and submit, to bring true pleasure to your Mistress.

Mistress Goldy is looking for a slave-lizuna in Kiev or any other city in order to try all the delights of sitting on his face. Mistress Goldy wants her to be comfortable and confident that your face will be the perfect seat for her ass.

Often you can find ads “looking for the Lady”, but to find Domina, who is deep in the subject and will be able to give real pleasure from humiliating his slave, is incredibly difficult. Only a professional Mrs. with parameters like a Playboy model is able to give a real pleasure from her domination. Look at the photos of Mistress Goldy and make sure that becoming her slave is an honor that not everyone can deserve.

What could be better than to submit to an experienced Domin?

Anyone who wants to share the pleasure of BDSM practices with Mistress Goldy can fill out the contact form on the website. It is enough to specify your nickname and contact details, as well as the desired date, venue and duration of the session.

The session with Mistress Goldy is:

  • Full privacy. Our entertainment will remain strictly confidential.
  • Individual script. No standard programs, only an individual approach.
  • Accounting for all wishes. Initially, those practices that like and those that do not like are specified.
  • Guaranteed security during the session.

Mrs. seeking lizuna with experience or without! Mistress Goldy smoothly introduces newcomers to the topic and generously shares their knowledge with those who are just beginning to practice BDSM.

You can make an appointment with Mistress Goldy or in any other city, having pre-registered and coordinated all the details of the meeting in advance.

Plunge into the world of special pleasures, because everyone deserves to experience the feeling of bliss!